Friendly Males

Friendly Males

Friendly Males is an LA music band made up of a group of extremely nice boys. The Males were born in an exquisitely dirty basement in the lush college town of Burlington, Vermont on Cinco de Mayo, 2008, which happens to be the very same day in which they decided to take a 6 year hiatus.

After relocating to Los Angeles, founding members Jon Tatelman and Daniel Maroti resurrected the Friendly Males in the fall of 2014, when they recorded their first demos in the holy city of Burbank, California.

They soon started recording at Lolipop Records, the crown jewel of independent labels in LA. The result was their debut record, “Nopalera”, a psychedelic rock n roll record, made with zero computers and a whole lot of tape delay.

Nopalera was recorded and co produced by Tomas Dolas(Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel) at Lolipop Records full analog studio. The title refers to the original Spanish name for Hollywood, California. Although Nopalera is not by any means a concept record, the songs voice the sarcastic existential struggle of being stuck in an unfamiliar home that is both absurd and foreign, yet possesses an undeniable magnetism, while the idea of Nopalera serves as a constant reminder of an oasis that no longer exists. 😉

The band is comprised of Daniel Maroti (guitar, vox, songs), Jon Tatelman (guitar, vox, songs), Sotiris Eliopoulos (booms n chicks), Jeremy Pfau (Casio, synth, noise) and Sam Mcdougle (bass).